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Wednesday 30 November 2011


Victoria Coates, business development manager of CFH Docmail, with Peasedown Cricket Club Sunday Football Team in their new shirts

Back row: Jordan Rogers, Stuart Seviour, Dan Tamblyn, Liam Watson, Dan Flower
2nd back row: Joe Button (manager), Mark Gould (assistant manager), Kris Seviour
2nd Front Row: Nathan Townsley, Matt Seviour, Ben Flower
Front Row: Adam Gumbleton, Nick Hemmings, Victoria Coates, Lee Gould, Stuart Noel

Radstock company CFH Total Document Management is taking to the football pitch with a new sponsorship deal to promote their print and post service Docmail.

The company, based at St Peter’s Park, is providing new kit to the Sunday Football Team of Peasedown Cricket Club. Team members will now be emblazoned with the name Docmail across their chests.

Uncle and nephew Matt and Kris Seviour are members of the Sunday team – who are favourites to take a title this season - and are also long standing members of staff at CFH. Matt is Production Manager while Kris works in the Logistics/Despatch department.

Peasedown Cricket Club’s Sunday Football team only lost three games last season, and were runners up in the Badgers Hill Frome and District Sunday League, premier division. They were also runners up in the Tony Whorlow Cup.
With a very strong local team, the club is favourite to take the league title this season and is currently top of the table.

The club was formed in 1978 as Peasedown United and changed to Peasedown Cricket Club in 1997.

Dave Broadway, managing director of CFH, says, “We are delighted to be providing Peasedown Cricket Club Sunday Football Team with their new kit. As one of our local teams, the club is well supported by many members of our staff – both on and off the pitch, so this is a good fit for us both.”

For further information, contact:
Victoria Coates, CFH Total Document Management
Tel: 01761 416311

Monday 28 November 2011


Doctor’s surgeries are saving hundreds of thousands of pounds by embracing online technology to keep in contact with their patients by post.

Docmail, a revolutionary all-in-one service which securely merges online correspondence with traditional postal delivery, is being rapidly taken up by both private and public sector organisations throughout the UK.

Welcomed for its ease of use, as well as its considerable cost savings, CFH the provider of Docmail estimates that in just two months, doctor’s surgeries who have signed up to use the print and post service have saved £177,000 in postage alone.

Since the beginning of September, CFH Docmail has mailed over 1 million envelopes on behalf of doctor’s surgeries and medical practices throughout the UK, with around 4,000 orders placed for the service for annual flu jab clinic reminders.

CFH Docmail operates via a secure on-line portal, allowing practices to upload their personalised correspondence which is then printed and posted by Docmail, at a fraction of the time normally taken for the traditional method of printing and stuffing envelopes.

The use of Docmail – which includes printing and postage - costs just 28 pence plus VAT for a black and white printed letter. This compares to the current cost of a 2nd class stamp at 36 pence.
Dave Broadway, managing director of CFH Total Document Management, which runs the Docmail service, says,
“The use of Docmail is having a huge, positive impact for many surgeries and practices. Not only is it saving money – we estimate that surgeries and medical practices have saved £300,000 in time and postage costs this year alone - but we estimate we have saved practice staff more than 1,000 days that would otherwise have been spent stuffing envelopes.

“Enabling staff to have more time to deal directly with patient enquiries can only be a good thing.

“Doctor’s surgeries depend on reliable postal services to keep in contact with their patients. Staff at surgeries who use Docmail have told us that the service, which is so easy to use, has had a huge impact on staff morale because of the time it saves.”
Earlier this year, CFH Docmail developed a new application with EMIS, the UK’s leading supplier of clinical software and related services to GPs, which incorporates Docmail into the EMIS LV software system, bringing the benefits of print and post to many more practices.

Dave Broadway explains, “Practices can use Docmail regardless of their system, but the integration into EMIS makes the whole process incredibly easy, and provides the added benefit of detailing every letter sent against the patient’s record.”

CFH is a £28 million print and mail business. A licensed postal operator, CFH provides customers with a 'supply chain under one roof', going from plain paper to the final mile of delivery.

Wednesday 5 October 2011

Send your own personalised Christmas cards with CFH Docmail

Have you ever struggled to find the right Christmas cards, been dismayed at how much they cost and then taken an age to write, seal and send them? Well now a solution to all three problems has arrived thanks to print and post company CFH Docmail.

Their Docmail online card-builder allows you to design your own Christmas cards, then print and post them quickly, easily and at a fraction of the cost of buying cards and stamps in the shops.

So rather than sending the same old Christmas scene, you can use your digital photographs inside an attractive border to send personalised cards to your friends and family.

Along with your personalised message, your cards can be printed, posted and due to arrive through your friends’ and family’s letterboxes straight from your computer, in plenty of time for Christmas.

And with prices for the complete service – cards, envelopes and postage – costing just 85pence per A5 colour card, with an optional 25p extra for first class postage, Docmail is the cheapest and most stress-free way to send out your cards this Christmas.

All you do is upload your chosen image and message, choose the addresses you want to send them to and let CFH Docmail do the rest.

Payment is made securely through your Docmail account, which is free to set up.

Dave Broadway, managing director at CFH Docmail says: “We all know how much time and effort it takes to send Christmas cards and now you can do it quickly and cheaply with Docmail.

“There’s still lots of room to keep the card personal to your loved ones but our service is quicker and cheaper than doing it through the conventional means.”

Thursday 18 August 2011

Low cost mail for flu recalls

Medical practices preparing to remind their vulnerable patients of the importance of receiving the annual flu vaccine can save time and money with an online print and post service.

Docmail, from CFH Total Document Management, provides GPs, practice managers and medical staff with a quick, easy and cost-effective solution to the task of sending out annual flu recall mailings.

Docmail enables users to write, print and post correspondence using an online service. For the busy practice, there’s no printing, no stuffing of envelopes, no franking machines. All that is required is to write the letter, select recipients from an address database, and let Docmail do the rest – printing, enclosing and posting the letter.

Docmail provides significant savings, not only through reduced costs for stationery, printing and postage but also through minimising demands on staff. Practices simply need to set up an account at to enjoy the time and cost benefits that the print and mail service can bring.

Dave Broadway, managing director of CFH Total Document Management, says, “Docmail saves considerable time for the practice management team at what is an exceptionally busy time of year.

“Post remains the preferred method of communication for the majority of patients. The efficiency of the Docmail system means that practice managers can avoid the strain on staff and resources that traditional mailings can often bring. This is particularly relevant with the flu jabs imminent.”

“Together with this additional cost saving which will ease already stretched budgets, this service will enable GPs to target their patients quickly and efficiently by post with news of flu vaccination appointments.”

Prices start at 28 pence plus VAT for a mono A4 document and 38 pence plus VAT for colour. Docmail, which has been operating its print and post service since 2008, also has a postcard application, ideal for marketing mailings, and items such as appointment reminders. There are no minimum volumes, the unit price remains the same if one letter is sent or ten thousand. Furthermore, there is no contract to sign, no software to download and no license fee to pay.

Docmail, which has achieved Connecting for Health approved status, is run by CFH Total Document Management, whose APACS accredited factory has security features designed to protect sensitive data. The CFH production site has the highest levels of both physical and IT security which enables them to process your mailing with complete assurance. CFH are registered under the data protection act and hold relevant British Standards for Information Security Management. Docmail is part of the Buying Solutions framework agreement for hybrid mail.

Thursday 7 July 2011

Sage 50 users benefit from significant print and mail savings with Docmail Connect

Print and mail provider launches new, free app

Users of Sage 50 can benefit from significant cost savings with a new print and mail application from Docmail. Released this week, Docmail Connect is a free plug-in for Sage 50 packages providing a cloud based software tie up with a hybrid mail production system.

The new Docmail Connect app allows a user to create Docmail-ready documents directly from Sage 50. Invoices, statements and letters channelled to Docmail are securely printed and mailed in a dedicated production plant, saving on postage, stationery and production costs, and since the app sits within the Sage 50 workflow, saving time too.

The easy to install plug-in is available from where there is a step by step guide available. Docmail Connect is currently available for both the 2010 and 2011 versions of the Sage 50 series.

Dave Broadway, managing director of CFH Total Document Management, creators of Docmail, says, “This is exciting development which is bringing Docmail directly to the desks of Sage 50 users, allowing them to benefit from all the advantages that Docmail customers know and love.

“Combining the Sage developers program with the Docmail web service, this API has resulted in an exciting mashup of two pieces of software of great importance to small businesses. Sage 50 has been the bulwark of SME accounting since its release – while Docmail offers small businesses the ability to save time and money on sending documents by post. The unique combination of the two means huge savings for all Sage 50 users.

“By launching Docmail Connect we are able to provide a truly integrated package which has been developed specifically to provide a service to all businesses that normally print and mail their Sage 50 output.”

Whether a new or existing Docmail customer, users simply follow the on-line instructions to set up an account and create a Docmail button on the Sage 50 button bar. Thereafter a simple selection process allows documents to be selected for print and mailing directly from the Sage database.

So what is Docmail?

By using a secure internet link to send their documents for printing and mailing at a high tech security print facility, customers can take advantage of significantly lower stationery, production and postal costs, the all-in-one service providing a seamless on-line process from production through to delivery.

With prices starting from just 25 pence plus vat for print, personalisation and postage, Docmail hybrid mail combines on-line technology, with Royal Mail final delivery. Mailings – whether a single letter or a personalised mailing to thousands – are written and created on-line by the originator, sent electronically to Docmail where they are printed and delivered via CFH Total Document Management’s Downstream Access (DSA) facility.

Broadway continues, “Docmail brings lower production and mailing costs than traditional methods. Our user friendly website is quick and easy to navigate, and you have total control over the contents of your mailing.”

Over five thousand companies in the UK now use Docmail. CFH mails over six million documents every month.

To view the step by step start guide, follow:

As postal prices rise, Docmail offers lower prices for budget-conscious businesses

CFH Docmail provides customers with an all in one print, personalisation and Royal Mail delivery service at less than the cost of a second class stamp.

As the effect of the Royal Mail postal price increases begins to hit already hard strapped office budgets, the managing director of one of the UK’s leading hybrid mail providers, CFH Docmail is urging businesses to embrace change and turn to print and post for both cost savings and efficiency gains.

CFH Docmail continues to offer its customers substantial cost savings through the use of hybrid mail. An online print and mail system that generates real letters in the post, CFH Docmail provides customers with an all in one print, personalisation and Royal Mail delivery service at less than the cost of a second class stamp.

Customers simply upload their documents and list of names and addresses that they wish to mail via their secure account, and Docmail does the rest.

While the price of first and second class Royal Mail stamps for standard items has risen to 46 pence and 36 pence respectively, Docmail charges from just 28 pence (plus VAT) for stationery, print, postage and delivery.

Managing director of CFH Docmail, Dave Broadway says, “Hybrid mail is a win-win situation for businesses that are looking to save money on their postage, and free up staff time for core duties. By using Docmail, staff can compile their correspondence via our secure portal, and with the click of a mouse action printing and delivery at less than the cost of a second class stamp.”

Docmail prices start at 28 pence plus VAT for a mono A4 document and 38 pence plus VAT for colour. Docmail, which has been operating its hybrid mail service since 2008, also has a postcard application, ideal for marketing mailings, and items such as appointment reminders. For print and delivery of an A6 colour postcard, the price is just 31 pence plus VAT.

There are no minimum volumes, the unit price remains the same if one letter is sent or ten thousand. Furthermore, there is no contract to sign, no software to download and no license fee to pay.

“For businesses who recognise the advantage of keeping in contact with their customers by mail, but who find that Royal Mail’s prices are creating a real squeeze on their budgets, then Docmail is for them,” says Dave.

Docmail offers all new customers a £1 credit on their account so they can try the print and mail for free.

CFH embraces The Cloud to bring Docmail to GoogleApp users

Access Docmail's low-cost print and post via Google Apps

More than six million Google Apps users worldwide can now use an internet-based print and post service run by a company based in Somerset.

CFH Total Document Management’s Docmail now allows users to have their mail printed, stuffed and delivered for less than the price of a 2nd class postage stamp, directly from within their Google Apps domain.

Through the use of Docmail, users can write and create mailings - whether a single letter or a personalised mailing to hundreds of people – and deliver them by post. Prices start at just 28 pence plus VAT for a single sided letter printed in black and white and inclusive of all stationery and postage.

The Google Apps innovation was enabled by Appogee, a Google-focused systems integrator that specialises in helping businesses make the most of the cloud.

The use of cloud computing is the latest development for the growing Docmail operation, which was launched by CFH just three years ago.

Continuing to innovate to keep pace with online developments, CFH is now integrating its operation with cloud technology.

Dave Broadway, managing director at CFH says: “Continually innovating your business is a huge challenge, especially when you are increasingly competing with a fast moving online world.

“We are leading the way for traditional offline businesses but we just couldn’t ignore the benefits that this project offered. We are always looking to innovate and drive the business forward.”

Docmail Connect for Google Apps is available now on the Google Apps Marketplace under Document Management.

Appogee used Google’s APIs to list Docmail Connect on the Google Apps Marketplace, allowing Google Apps users to quickly add extra applications to their domain. This means that Docmail Connect for Google Apps not only allows Docmail’s existing users to use Google Docs with the service, it has also provided an excellent opportunity to reach a whole new market of customers operating in the cloud.



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